National Games Ranchi 2011
National games before it is called by Indian Olympic Games has been started in 1924 in Lahore. Recently National Games has been held on three cities of Jharkhand Ranchi, Bokaro and Dhanbad participated all states of India including Services emerge as top on list of medal tally & Manipur gets second and Haryana gets third position. And Jharkhand emerged as 5th in medal tally to show the Delhi that they can beat them in sports at least where athletes can get more facilities than Jharkhand. It has been started on 12th February 2011 and concluded on 26th February 2011 at Birsa Munda Athletics Stadium, Ranchi.

ICC World Cup 2011 which is running in full flow in three hosting countries i.e. India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka as well. ICC Cricket world cup is playing by 8 to 14 countries. It is getting more viewer ship than National Games or Commonwealth Games that shows our strength in sports at international level. This shows that how many people are fascinated by our athletics events happening around us in our country. If any local team of cricket are playing cricket than we would prefer to talk about the local hero or cricket instead of national heroes who have taken a medal in national games.

Basically we are not having good sense in sports because of our slavery culture. We were never good in sports in these athletics culture so we always follow the way the British follow. Cricket is the game of lazy people who don’t want to work hard in different section. Athletics event always gets more hard work and more punctuality than cricket. It is the single people who hit the ball at one end and one people is hunting to stop the ball and other people are remaining stood up. If we will see the Cricketing playing nations are those country who had been slave by British Empire in past.

In these days all country are mad in the backyard of ICC Events. If I will ask the people of this country about National Games has been held on Ranchi, Jharkhand from 12th February to 26th February, do you know anything about that the 90% of people will say that they don’t what is National Games and Where it is going on or not. But if I ask the people about the game between Bangladesh and Ireland in ICC world cup events recently played the 90% of people will say Bangladesh had won that game by more than 20 runs. So this the culture of our country that we are saying that we are going to be a good sporting nation than we have to know that which kind of big sporting events are happening in which part of country.

Commonwealth Games 2010

Opening Ceremony Commonwealth Games 2010

1 City, 11 days, 12 stadium, 17 games, 71 countries and 7500 athletes will participate in one sports event that is called XIX Commonwealth Games 2010 in New Delhi. Every controversy which has taken part of this commonwealth games

Commonwealth Games 2010
Commonwealth Games 2010

has been left behind and now every Indian looks forward to each and every sportsperson which is taking part in this games under the flag of India that they prove India whatever happen in past we will never look past and we people always look forward. This has been shown by every Indian who have been watched the opening ceremony in JLN Stadium, New Delhi. It was not just an opening ceremony it was really a great and great spectacular ceremony it was. So there was lots of things that have signified Indian rich cultural heritage, rich youth various dynamic varsity, rich traditions etc. One of the most signified moment was when Master Keshav, a tabla maestro just 2 years old has been performed just before HariHaran, the legend in Indian music. But it was the beginning of Indian rich cultural heritage. There was more signified performance like the cultural program from all Indian states, the rich journey of India railways. But not least at last we have watched the wonderful performance perform by Indian music legend who have been remarked us on international stage as well the AR Rahman started with ‘O,Yaro India Bula Liya………’ a commonwealth theme song followed by his internationally famous ‘Jai Ho……..’.

The Indian people will watched the sportsperson who can deliver better this time. Saina Nehwal, Chetan Anand-Jwala Gutta, Vijender Singh, Akhil Kumar, Sonia Chanu, Monika Devi, Leander-Bhupati, Sania Mirza, Rohan Bopanna, Somdev Devvarman, Abhinva Bindra, ManavJit Singh Sandhu, Samresh Jung, Gagan Narang, Tejaswini Sawant, K Poonia, Seema Antil, Sharath Kamal, Dola Banerjee, Sushil Kumar, Joshna Chinnappa and Women’s Hocky Team these are on my list of medalist after final day of game. The men’s Hocky team is not on my list because they most unpredictable games side in India like Indian Cricket Team.  So I wish them Best of Luck from bottom of my heart and I will pray that the Indian team can get better rank from last commonwealth games which had been held on Melbourne, Australia in 2006 and they show better sportsmanship this time.

Shame for Us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Basic pay hiked three times from Rs 16k to Rs 50K (demand for Rs 80,001 so salaries higher than govt secys) Office expenses hiked from Rs 20K to Rs 40K/month Constituency allowance doubled to Rs 40K/month limit for interest-free loan for buying cars hiked four-fold to Rs 4 lakh road mileage rate for vehicles used by MPs up from Rs 13/km to Rs 16/km MP’s spouse can travel any number of times in first class in railways. Can also claim road mileage Pension increased from Rs 8K to Rs 20K/month MP’s also get 150,000 free phone calls a year on 3 landlines and 2 mobile phones rent-free housing; govt pays rent on furniture up to Rs 60,000, Rs 15,000 for addl items Free washing of sofa covers, curtains, bathroom tiles 50,000 units of electricity a year 4000 kilo litres of water 12K hike in MPs’ pension. It is almost cost to country for each MP’s to above than 37 Lacs per year, it 68th times more than our per capita income. But the simple fact and great one is that more than 350 MP’s out of 543 in Lok Sabha is Crorepati(Billionaire).

Tennis stars threaten to pull out

The entire fracas that hit Indian tennis on its face on Friday seems to be all about bills. Players say they’ve submitted all bills since 2008 but AITA has feigned ignorance on the matter. And if these bills aren’t cleared in time, then the Indian team of Somdev Devvarman, Rohan Bopanna, Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi might well be missing from the tennis courts in Delhi during the CommonWealth Games. So if the people expending in crores in their pocket why not the players are paid in time. How we can expect that they will do much for us in their respective games. The same drama we have seen before the Hocky World Cup held on Delhi earlier this year. So we have to be feel same on this type of drama.

Here I have mix two story of today that how are netas insensitive against common people. In one side our sports person who give us reason to feel proud and another side our netas always give us reason to same on us.

CommonWealth Games or MakingWealth Games

August 5, 2010, at all news channel on prime time whether it is NewsPoint with Abhigyan Prakash or NewsHour with Arnab Goswami or India@9 with Rajdeep Sardesai or NewsMaker with Barkha Dutta, all big guns from the TV journalism are debating on whether Kalmadi should or shacked by the government for heading of Organizing Committee(OC) of CommonWealth Games(CWG). Every news channel taking his credit that we have exposed the deal between Australian media promotion company SMAM and AM Films from UK or deal between DDA officials and Delhi Government or deal between two big medical equipment company and Delhi Government or deal between the OC and supplier of popular daily using things for sports persons (like umbrella, treadmills, liquid soap dispensers) or deal between OC and Anil Khanna’s son for supplying turf to RK Khanna Stadium, prior the sports person have already complaint about the quality of turf. What we are going to show the world that how much we are corrupt that we cannot even leave the sport to make money for ourselves.

I believe that if my team member is not capable or doing the things whatever he has been assigned, we have to track those people to making big mistakes or not good for delivering the project on time. We cannot track it on last moment when we have to deliver our project. We have to ensure that our project should deliver on time as a team leader. And I believe that CWG as project has been bid by India 8 yrs before and Mr Kalmadi has been started working on 5 yrs back. So if London is hosting Olympic in 2012 are ready to host that so why not we are ready to host CWG-2010 just less than two months before the games. So I carry the total responsibility is for Mr Kalmadi that’s why in my opinion Mr Kalmadi should sacked by Indian Government and there are lot of people who will think that this is not the right time to sacked him but there are lot of people in government or outside government who can tackle this situation and no more we can carry these type of corruption each and every area of Organization.

But the following questions are making big:

  1. Should Mr Kalmadi leave his position on the ground of taking moral responsibility as a chief of OC of CWG for not preparing Delhi before the games?
  2. Will the news channel make this corruption as big debate after CWG in October 2010 or they leave as they have leave IPL-3 scam on Mr Lalit Modi?
  3. Will Government ask the OC to submit all paper on money has been spending in Delhi on the name of CWG 2010?
  4. Will Government give the statement over this issue to people of Delhi or India, because Delhi people have been most affected by this?
  5. Why not our PM Mr. Manmohan Singh lead the same team, because some time Team Leader is not capable to handling this type of big event?
  6. How many years after the games will Delhi people will pay off this money?
  7. Is our country ready for hosting these types of games?