Honorable Bharat Ratna Mr Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is an Indian cricketer widely acknowledged as the greatest batsman of his generation and this man is still able to motivate lot of generation. So this man can’t bound his own generation or mine generation for being a hero. The man who have great kind of sportsman and always represents himself as legendary wherever it is on the field or off the field. He is super hero who can inspired a lot of people in future for all kind of arena.

He represents India internationally for more than twenty years. He is the first player to score one hundred international centuries, the first player to score a double century in a One Day International, and thus far the only to complete 34,000 runs in international cricket. In 2002, Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack ranked him the second greatest Test batsman of all time, behind Don Bradman, and the second greatest one-day-international (ODI) batsman of all time, behind Viv Richards. Well I will not calculate any kind of cricketing stats here, it is the work of Cricketing statistician.

The person who played with 490 foreign players and 110 domestic players, it is really credible for any sportsman in the history of any kind of sports. If we can talk about the Sachin’s career length we can talk lot of major changes has been in the sports arena. If we starts to see the changes after Sachin Tendulkar has started his cricketing career in international platform, list for legend who left his/her arena would be the long list like Maradona,Jaheer Abbas,Steve Waugh,Shane Warne,Murlitharan,Wasim Akram,Rahul Dravid,VVS Laxman,Saurav Ganguly,Brian Lara,Roger Federer,Michael Jordan,Carl Lewis,Michael Phelps,Tiger Woods,Stephen Fleming,Pete Sampras,Lance Armstrong,Michael Schumacher,Steffi Graf,Andre Agassi,Martina Navratilova,V.Anand,…many more.

74 runs innings in his last test match of career was the highlight of his whole career’s innings, whatever it was like cut,drive,point,long on,long off and his signature sweep shot.

He is not God for the people of India but he is not less than God in cricket. But for cricket followers, he is certainly a God.

Now Government declared his name for Bharat Ratna (Highest Civilian Award for India). Congrats! Honorable Bharat Ratna Mr Sachin Tendulkar. We will miss you at the field. Sachiiiiin……Sachiiiiiin. But every sportsman has one day to call it off his journey on the field, so today it was your day Mr Tendulkar. We respect your decision and good lick for rest of your life.


Rahul Dravid or The Wall or Jammy or Mr. Dependable

Known as ‘the Wall’ due to his ability to bat for long, Rahul Dravid has been the batting mainstay of Indian Test Team since he first arrived at the international scene in 1996. Dravid is regarded as one of the most technically sound batsmen of his time. He holds the record of being the only batsman to score a century in all ten Test playing nations. Dravid made his Test debut against England at Lords in June 1996 and scored 95. He is the third batsman to score more than 12,000 runs in Test cricket. Dravid has been involved in more than 80 century partnerships and stitched 19 century partnerships with Sachin Tendulkar – a world record. Dravid was awarded the ICC Player of the Year and the Test Player of the Year in 2004.

India’s batting great Rahul Dravid, who bid adieu to international cricket on Friday, holds 30th position in the rating list for the all-time best in the Test cricket. The 39-year-old Karnataka batsman spent a total of 35 Tests and 226 days at the top, with the highest-rating of 892 which he achieved in March 2005, an ICC release stated. Among India batsmen, only Sunil Gavaskar (916) and Sachin Tendulkar (898) have achieved higher career ratings than Dravid. Dravid was also the first recipient of the ICC Test Player of the Year and the ICC Cricketer of the Year (the Sir Garfield Sobers Trophy) awards, presented in 2004 in London.

Rahul Dravid was not just a cricketer. He was a true ambassador, who presented himself in the most appropriate manner on and off the cricket field. Never involved in any controversy whatsoever, Dravid ensured cricket firmly retained its tag of ‘Gentleman’s game’. Cricket fans is seen shaking hands with Indian player Rahul Dravid after his shoot for music channel MTV in Bombay June 23, 2004. Dravid was voted by Indian youth as the MTV Youth Icon of the Year 2004, in a field of nominees comprising of leading Indian personalities from various fields, like films, science, fashion, sports and business.

After 16 years of steadfast service ‘The Wall’ has finally toppled. Rahul Dravid was one of cricket’s finest batsmen and one of a few Indian players no selector seemed able to drop. But dignity could have been his middle name and sensing he’d begun to overstay his welcome Dravid has retired from international cricket.  For those who love cricket the game, as opposed to cricket the enterprise, he will be missed, for his kind of cricketer, on and off the field, is becoming rarer. A man for whom technique mattered, he knew that batting not based on a sturdy defence was to dabble with chance. Like Glenn Turner before him, he learnt to keep the good balls out before risking glory through boundaries, though those glories did come as 13,288 Test runs and 10,889 one-day international runs attest.

If his deportment at the crease was exemplary and an example to others, so too was the way he engaged off the field. It is easy to lose perspective when one is lauded for simply breathing, as great cricketers in India are, but Dravid, now 39, neither milked nor scoffed at the idolatry. It won him enormous respect wherever he went, not something readily associated with many of today’s sportsmen.

With Sachin Tendulkar in the team, he wasn’t quite the best Indian batsmen of his era but he probably would have been in any other. Unlike Tendulkar or Virender Sehwag, though, he could have come from a time not his own. You only needed to apply a sepia wash to photos of him batting with his cap and neckerchief affixed to be transported back to the age of Vijay Merchant or Lala Armanath. Dravid was timeless but always with glorious timing.

His Test debut was at Lord’s in 1996, his first big game being umpire Dicky Bird’s last. Bird famously wept during the match as Dravid might after being dismissed for 95. His moniker of ‘The Wall’, one he never encouraged as it suggested his batting lacked elegance, hadn’t been constructed by then but its foundations were surely laid after he’d struck just six fours from the 363 balls he’d faced.

That innings helped to save India’s hide but the best knock I saw him play, also against England, was the 148 he made in the third Test at Headingley in 2002. In the kind conditions that English seam bowlers used to fantasise about – greenish pitch with thick, dark clouds hemming everyone in – he and Tendulkar, who made 193, gave a batting master class when the ball should not have been at their beckoning. Sourav Ganguly also made a century but England’s bowlers were so demoralised by the time he came in to join Tendulkar that it was a formality as India’s eventual victory was too, by an innings and 46 runs.

He was centre stage too in India’s extraordinary win over Steve Waugh’s Australia in 2001 Kolkata Test. His 180, made in concert with VVS Laxman’s double hundred, allowed India, who were in any case following-on, to turn a match that had looked lost completely on its head. The ensuing victory exposed a rare vulnerability in the Aussies and India won the next Test as well to take the series 2-1.

He batted well against England last summer, making three typically determined hundreds as his team were whitewashed from their perch as the world’s No 1 Test side. His batting, based on silky wrists and wondrous powers of concentration, hasn’t been so flash since and while his run of low scores against Australia is not in itself a reason to retire, their manner, after being bowled six times in eight innings, probably was.

As news of his retirement sunk in, Sunil Gavaskar, another great Indian batsman, called him a terrific role model saying that while youngsters look up to Tendulkar in awe, they could actually be Dravid, providing they were prepared to work hard enough.

My own thoughts are that he epitomised perfectly the phrase “Grace under fire,” Ernest Hemingway’s description of courage. Whatever challenge Dravid was presented with, at least on the pitch, he faced it with the kind of unruffled integrity that makes his next choice in life almost as interesting as his last one.

India a new champion of ICC cricket world cup 2011

2nd April 2011, Saturday is the day when India became a champion of cricket world cup after 1983. This was the 2nd time when India became a champion o this cup. Everybody is happy and i am also a happy man when Indian skipper hit a ball for six. This was the proud moment for all of Indian people who watched this. I never seen the 1983 world cups win of Kapil Dev. There were always some people who thought that Sri-Lankan is better team than Indian team.

But the things are behind all Indian team was blessings of 121 crore of people from India itself and other are from outside India. The moment when Dhoni lift the cup it was really a proud moment for all India team. But this could be really a best moment for Sachin Tendulakar in his life. And this was the trophy he always wants to lift. If  Sachin could make a hundred in that match that would be really great one from greatest batsman of this game.

Thanks to MSD for giving us so much proudest moment in our life. He always been a cool captain and taken every risk works for great in this game whether it was two toss in final game, whether Sreesanth included in team 11 instead of Ashwin, whether MSD promoted himself ahead of inform batsman Yuvraj Singh. Everything was perfect.

Once again congratulation to Team India and all of Hindustani as well.

India Pakistan semi-final match in ICC World Cup 2011

What a match it was? India and Pakistan never meet in ICC world Cup Semifinal and it was really high sensational match. It was also a one of the biggest high voltage match as well. And what to say to Mr. Manmohan Singh for his cricket diplomacy? This was really a great platform to talk on unresolved issues between India and Pakistan. So much Mr. Manmohan Singh get on this I don’t know, but he has taken this event as opportunity to continue the dialogue between India and Pakistan and he succeeded.

Come to the India-Pakistan clash on ICC world cup semifinal. It was the worst day for Pakistani fielding, because they save the wicket of Sachin Tendulkar on 6 times and Tendulkar make 85 runs for digging the cave for Pakistan. Because after 60 over it was the pitch that support slower bowler at the end.

Once again Yuvraj Singh did a very good job for Dhoni by bowl. If we look and Indian win over Pakistan and Australia, now we can say that this team is look like a world champion and they are really capable to do so and I don’t have hesitation to say that this ICC world cup will be win by Indian Team.

Best of Luck and Good Luck as well for ICC world cup Final at Mumbai.

ICC World Cup Vs ICC Asia Cup final


Gr8 News!!!!!!!!!! Every asian specially people from India, Pakistan and SriLanka should be ready for all asian country final fight between India or Pakistan and Srilanka. When SriLanka beat New Zealand to enter into ICC World Cup Final than it has been fixed that this ICC world cup final is going to clash between all asian countries.  Second semi-final will be gr8 match between India and Pakistan for second spot into final.

This is better plateform to all players from both countries to perform, because both prime minister will watch the match.

As a Indian I wish all indian team to work hard and fight hard to win this game and make your spot through to the final.

Good Luck India!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!