How a BOY/GIRL withdraws cash from ATM

How a BOY withdraws cash from ATM.

1. Park the car
2. Go to ATM Machine
3. Insert card
4. Enter PIN
5. Take money out
6. Take ATM Card out
7. Drive away

How a GIRL withdraws cash from ATM

1. Park the car
2. Check makeup
3. Turn off engine
4. Check makeup
5. Go to ATM
6. Hunt for ATM card in the purse
7. Insert card
8. Hit Cancel
9. Hunt in purse for chit with PIN written on it
10. Insert card
11. Enter PIN
12. Take cash
13. Go to car
14. Check makeup
15. Start car
16. Stop car
17. Run back to ATM
18. Take ATM card
19. Back to car
20. Check makeup
21. Start car
22. Check makeup
23. Drive for 1/2 mile
24. Release handbrake
25. Drive


Love Marriage VS Arranged Marriage – The IT Perspective

Love Marriage
Resembles procedural programming language. We have some set functions like flirting, going to movies together, making long conversations on phone and then try to fit all functions to the candidate we like.

It is a throwaway type of prototype as client requirements rises with time thus it is a dynamic system and difficult to maintain.

Family system hangs because hardware called parents are not responding.

You are the project leader so u are responsible for implementation and execution of PROJECT- married life.

Client expectations include exciting feature as spouse cooking food, washing clothes etc.

Acceptance test possible you can try before you Buy.
Arranged Marriage
Similar to object oriented programming approach. We first fix the candidate and then try to implement functions on her. The main object is fixed and various functions are added to supplement the main program. The functions can be added or deleted.

Requirements are well defined so use of waterfall model is possible.

Compatible with hardware Parents.

You are a team member under project leader parents so they are responsible for successful execution of project Married life.

All these features are covered in the SRS as required features.

Product is sold on an as is where is basis, Product once sold will not be taken back!

Roles in Heaven

Systems Installation
Systems Administration & Support
Finance and Accounts consultant
Training and Knowledge Management
DBA (Crash Specialist)
Quality Assuarance & Documentation
Data transfer
Reorganization & Downsizing Consultant
IDP & Personal Records
Downloadable Viruses
Mainframe Programmers
Solaris Administrator
In house Hackers
Zombie Process
Support Software and Backup
System Programmer
Sr. Manager Projects
Technical Writer (Ramayana Sign off document

Confusion about Before Marrieage & After Marriage…

Before Marriage – – –

Boy: Yes. At last. It was so hard to wait.

Girl: Do you want me to leave?

Boy: NO! Don’t even think about it.

Girl: Do you love me?

Boy: Of course! Over and over!

Girl: Have you ever cheated on me?

Boy: NO! Why are you even asking?

Girl: Will you kiss me?

Boy: Every chance I get!

Girl: Will you hit me?

Boy: Are you crazy! I’m not that kind of person!

Girl: Can I trust you?

Boy: Yes.

Girl: Darling!

After marriage – – –

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