Satyamev Jayate

The wait is over! Satyamev Jayate finally takes off. But, has the show lived up to the hype it has created so far? Well, Aamir Khan is surely in a win–win situation that way because the show is apt for the thick skinned Indian audience that usually is insensitive to such important topics, unless a superstar spoon feeds them. It’s definitely a show with immense national appeal, pan India. By choosing a hard hitting topic for its first episode-female foeticide. The first episode dealt with female foeticide, which is a basic socially concerning topic. In fact, quite similarly, reality shows like Crime Patrol or Bhanwar have turned out to be successful in staging the emotions perfectly on small screen.
But, difference surely lies in the treatment. The superstar anchor excels at maintaining the suspense element throughout the show. He, like a true entertainer builds a plot that gets intriguing with every passing moment. Like for instance, the idea of introducing the topic, without giving a hint about what will follow next is very commendable. The surprises are followed by tremendous shock value, which take the show to another level.
Have you ever really felt what it feels like when a strong current of emotions gushes down your veins and creates a lump in your throat and leaves your eyes moist! Have you ever been able to look beyond what your eyes show? If not then follow ‘Satyamev Jayate’.

Aamir Khan has done it. The perfectionist has indeed proved why he is called so! The magnanimous personality has struck gold with his debut TV show ‘Satyamev Jayate’ that promises to unearth the human in you. The show is not about TRPs and a rat race that believes in slinging mud at rivals. It’s a sincere effort that makes people hope and gives people the courage to stand up against the unsocial.
If the show becomes repetitive in terms of content, it may lose on to the loyal audience in the weeks to come. What adds to the misery is the question- whether the audience will continue to be receptive towards such hard-hitting shows, when they like to relax on weekends? So, if you want to awaken your conscience then follow Aamir, place your right hand on your heart and say ‘Satyamev Jayate’.
It would be unfair to compare Aamir Khan with other film stars who have hosted the TV shows in the past, as the concept of this show is completely different. Yes, the show is definitely highlighting the most serious issues that are bothering the country, but the question is what the outcome is?
Is this show money making scheme or it really has the potential to help the country in its own little way! Overall, Satyamev Jayate is a like old wine in a new bottle, but with Aamir Khan as its USP, it has a tremendous potential to create a stir all over.
We shall wait and watch.


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