Budget 2012

On 16th Honourable Finance Minister Mr. Pranab Mukherjee has been presented the Union budget of India on Parliament for UPA government for straight 7th times house.

Congress always emphasis on the word their election symbol is always with general people. This budget shows that they don’t have anything in mind to develop the people of India by anyhow. They want to keep focus on those thing how we can keep those illiterate people as illiterate that means they don’t want to develop the mindset of Indian People. This is very ridiculous that how they can think so much cheap.

This is the reflection of Assembly election in UP, if they won in UP than they can think some bigger package for UP, some good package to Indian Farmer to keep in mind UP. They have always in mind that they have 3 more years to face general election of India. So they don’t fear to take some bold decision in context of raising the Sales Taxes in 2%. It makes costlier all essential commodities. Because it will always summed up with all things which needs carrier.

Everywhere they can rise anything from 0.01% to 2-3% they rise to make the money to implement much awaited Food Security Bill i.e. dream of Honourable UPA chairperson Mrs. Gandhi. This is ridiculous they are making the plan, but never see the future of India. What happen to NREGA, there are lot of corruption news are coming around the country. What about the NRHM scam, politicians are making money in the name of implementing these Plans in their respective states. There are no matter where they are from it means which states. They all have some most corrupted people in their respective states and they always tried to keep their CM’s on their toe. Mr Akhilesh Yadav, youngest chief minister of UP include Mr Raja Bhaiya in their team of ministers. When He sacked Mr DP Yadav everyone thinking that he has courage to clean up the politics of SP, but what happen.

So come to the point, what about the Union Budget 2012. Mr Mukherjee fully focussed on everywhere he can make money to get the rid of fiscal deficit that is going up and up year by year. But we will see what happen is there any progress to decrease the fiscal deficit. They have nothing to do special I know but whenever if general people is talking about the Direct Taxes, there is nothing he has done, but if we go through with Indirect Taxes – Mr Mukherjee has all eyes and keep everything should be higher than last year. If any finance minster reshuffling anything into Direct Tax than everyone will know. But if FM making reshuffle into Indirect Tax than very less people will know how they are going to pay to government and by which way. But Indirect Tax is the area where any government making money to run their annual budge smoothly.

If finance advisory committee proposes the increase the Income Tax slab to Rs. 3 Lacs and Investment upto Rs 3.2 Lacs than why not he think about this. He just increase Rs. 20,000 only. What he thinks this the money that general people can save or this can help by any way to any of those general people whose annual income is just Rs 3.6 Lacs or more. If we can calculate by deducting Rs 2 Lacs from Rs 3.6 Lacs, he will have Rs 1.4 Lacs in which he will save Rs 1 Lac by investing in different sector, Now he has Rs 6,000 to pay tax that will be 10% of Rs. 60,000.


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