Is people is bigger than parliament?

I am happy that Anna Hazare’s fast ends today and that both sides have reached some of understanding.

Anna achievements are really a historic. He managed to one of the most unapproachable governments into positive action. Anna fast changes in the youth’s hearts. He also started the much-needed process of restoring good values in Indian people. Many of us are still corrupt, whether forced by the system or otherwise. That part just became stronger. This mass booster shot of morality is the biggest contribution of the movement.

Of course, these achievements did come at a cost. We saw a relatively long period of unsettling process. We saw unpleasant human qualities and over aggressiveness on both sides, out for public display. In an ideal world, people would be reasonable, and irrespective of their position. However, we live in a far from ideal world, and given the circumstances. This time, our youth did not come on to streets to hurt people from another caste or religion. They came to simply demand a more fair and just society, in a peaceful manner. It is a proud moment for all of us. India’s class of 2011 is different, and a salute to all those who have participated in various ways whether it is online or offline. Their significance is very important to partially success of this movement.

Yes I am saying it is partially success because the bill will now goes to under the standing committee of parliament for further discussion. Where we have seen members like Mr. Lalu Prasad Yada, Mr. Ram Vilas Paswan various others will listen all aspects of bill than they will recommend what they think is right.

However, i was shocked, and disheartened by the criticism of Anna from certain sections of the English-speaking Indian intellectual circles especially from the ministry of Government of India’s English speaking ministers. If the elite had backed Anna stronger, we could have had a faster and better consensus. But they backed Anna by Online off-course, these support also give the strengthen to the movement. Of course, people have a right to an opinion.

The strongest anti-Anna argument was that Parliament cannot justify by its strong discussion about how they can save the parliament from hijack by people. There is no doubt that Parliament and the Constitution are important and to be respected. However, these work on a basic assumption -confidence of the people. If confidence is lost, the institution does not work. And that is what we have to restore in Parliament now, before we ask people to respect it. If parliamentarians want to respect the people of their parliament than they should first respect their responsibilities and duties first. People always see how they work in parliament. When Anna started his fast there is no any party had come and said that yes Anna is right and we are going to support. After 12 days of fast they don’t have choice then they had come to conclusion that ok no problem just send the bill to standing committee and then we have the power to modify as per our convenience.

Lying is something politicians got away with for a long time. It came at the cost of losing people’s trust. A good Lokpal Bill will actually bring back people’s trust in the government. In fact, the government needs a Lokpal Bill almost more than the people. It also needs to be more open and approachable. Party spokespersons need to be people with personal conviction, who place what is right above the party, even if it means accepting mistakes. After seeing the instances like Raja, Nadia, Kanimonjhi, Kalmadi, Maran were sent to Tihar jail after convicted into corruption our honourable prime minister always said that this is the coalition government politics. So after Lokpal bill our prime minister will place them in situation like this.

And while we love telling politicians how to do their job, we as citizens have to do our job first to casting a good candidate to send him to parliament. We can’t vote for candidates only because they are from a particular caste, religion or region. We have to place only one criterion – is he a good person? When we all send capable, honest people to Parliament, the trust and respect will return.

So the basics we got from this movement is that youths come forward to support Anna from all parts of country and one of most significance part of this movement was there is no any violence has been occurs. These messages also convey to our politicians that when they try to make agitate for any issue they never kept it a non-violent.


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