Mumbai Serial Blast

I am so saddened by what’s happened in Mumbai last night. My heart wrenches at the thought of what the families of the victims are going through. It’s so wrong.  Why do we have to always accept this terrorism? Why are we always told to move on? I won’t stand for terror anymore and I will not forget! Before Mumbai turns into Baghdad, Kabul and Lahore, before Taliban see India as easy target & send suicide squads, India needs firm leadership. Time for political leaders to stop squabbling and address serious issues like lives of citizens. If attacks provoked from outside India, we need to take the battle to them like USA had did so far in Afghanistan. If from inside India then we need to destroy those that support them.

Mumbai moves on not because it is resilient, but because it has no choice. Everyone has to go back to work. The bombs did not just drop from the skies! A human, like one of us put it into our circle. One of us who breathed and lived in Indian air.

Stop irresponsible reporting! Stop rumor mongering! Mumbai is reeling yet again. Don’t endanger lives. Where is the CM? Ambulance chasing TV journalists show more sensitivity! This isn’t about TRPs and breaking news. Mumbai is bleeding! People are dead. Have some shame or integrity that how to telecast these serious issue?

We keep condemning acts of terrorism and that’s where the story ends every time and repeats again! It’s a shame! I hope we as Indians & people of the world collectively fight terrorism & make sure this does not happen in our neighborhood or backyard again! May god give peace to the souls of the departed and strength to the people who have been left behind in grief!


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