India Against Corruption

Please Register your mobile no. for “India Against Corruption” campaign to support Mr. Anna Hazare by just giving a miss call on 022-61550789 within a minute you will get Registration message on your mobile……they need 1.2 crore registered users to force PM Manmohan Singh to come with Lokpal Bill against corruption.
If number is coming busy than don’t worry you have registered and wait for a while to get the registration message…..If you don’t get message than redial again.

Following are the another way to register yourself.

You can send SMS on these numbers 09717460029, 09971900424


send your email to following email addresses :,


India Against Corruption @ Facebook


India Against Corruption @ Twitter


Sign the Petition to Prime Minister


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7 thoughts on “India Against Corruption


    Mr.PM app ke kya mazburi hay kay app parti ke line sy uthkar dash kay leay koi jajbat hay ke nahi
    Kay hamari galti hay ke Hamnay congress ko vote diya



    There was a time in India that one had to wait for 3 to 4 hours to speak someone in the very next neighbor state and there were those manually operated mechanical telecom boards, and those age old telegraphic system. Today the communication has become a matter of few seconds getting connected to anyone on the earth.

    Irrespective of their political leanings we must know that it was Sri. S.M. Krishna the then Chief Minister of Karnataka, and Sri. Sam Pitroda who virtually opened the gates of Science and Technology not only for the Karnataka but for the entire country, giving a non-stop boom of, IT and BT sectors in Karnataka as well as in the other parts of the country. If otherwise the boom in Indian economy, technological boom, IT boom, BT Boom, Real Estate Boom, or any other all round booms – what we are observing today is only for the last 15 to 20 years only. Those very Formers in Karnataka who blamed Sri. S.M. Krishna – that he is not working for the interest of the Formers or Agricultural Sector are demanding a minimum of One Crore Rupee for an Acre of land today. If otherwise there were no prospective buyers for the land even for one lakh rupees per Acre of land. Where from this high valuation for the land came from? It is those opened gates of Science and Technology, and the free flow of IT / BT sectors in Karnataka and in the country that it has brought the high rate of valuation for the land – what India is observing today.

    At a time, when India was on the way of producing hundreds and thousands of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Larry_Page_dan_Sergey_Brin we are observing deep routed corruption in the entire system of the country today. This is most painful part of it.

    In the Centre (under Congress Government) – the IT Minister, who was suppose to boost the young upcoming professionals of IT and BT sectors, caught for the high level corruption made his way into a cell.

    In the State of Karnataka (under BJP Government) – the IT Minister, and his son was caught for high level land grapping in the name of SEZ, went straight into the prison.

    Corruption in the entire system is deep routed – irrespective whether it is a child of Congress or BJP.

    Fight against the deep routed corruption in India is a matter of culture. Whether the call is given by Anna Hazare, or Baba Ramdev or even a beggar on the streets – the call is a clarion call and I have my support to it.

    There are incidents on the earth – that for a call given by their leader as part of the Cultural Revolution, they destroyed the Rats of the entire nation in day. Why, we Indians wanted to make a comfortable bed of those dead/rotten rats and sleep over it?


    Date: 18.08.2011

  3. Prakash singh

    sir ,i want to imformed that , private company has provided medical fecilities through esi below yearly ctc 2 lac , but company and indian gorvent not provided , and the amount are deposit in gorvent acount . where is going total money, this is the bigest skendle in india by gorvent .
    sir, please highligt the issue so no. of emploied gate facilities.
    prakash singh
    (unichem labs)

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