India Pakistan semi-final match in ICC World Cup 2011

What a match it was? India and Pakistan never meet in ICC world Cup Semifinal and it was really high sensational match. It was also a one of the biggest high voltage match as well. And what to say to Mr. Manmohan Singh for his cricket diplomacy? This was really a great platform to talk on unresolved issues between India and Pakistan. So much Mr. Manmohan Singh get on this I don’t know, but he has taken this event as opportunity to continue the dialogue between India and Pakistan and he succeeded.

Come to the India-Pakistan clash on ICC world cup semifinal. It was the worst day for Pakistani fielding, because they save the wicket of Sachin Tendulkar on 6 times and Tendulkar make 85 runs for digging the cave for Pakistan. Because after 60 over it was the pitch that support slower bowler at the end.

Once again Yuvraj Singh did a very good job for Dhoni by bowl. If we look and Indian win over Pakistan and Australia, now we can say that this team is look like a world champion and they are really capable to do so and I don’t have hesitation to say that this ICC world cup will be win by Indian Team.

Best of Luck and Good Luck as well for ICC world cup Final at Mumbai.


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