National Games Ranchi 2011
National games before it is called by Indian Olympic Games has been started in 1924 in Lahore. Recently National Games has been held on three cities of Jharkhand Ranchi, Bokaro and Dhanbad participated all states of India including Services emerge as top on list of medal tally & Manipur gets second and Haryana gets third position. And Jharkhand emerged as 5th in medal tally to show the Delhi that they can beat them in sports at least where athletes can get more facilities than Jharkhand. It has been started on 12th February 2011 and concluded on 26th February 2011 at Birsa Munda Athletics Stadium, Ranchi.

ICC World Cup 2011 which is running in full flow in three hosting countries i.e. India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka as well. ICC Cricket world cup is playing by 8 to 14 countries. It is getting more viewer ship than National Games or Commonwealth Games that shows our strength in sports at international level. This shows that how many people are fascinated by our athletics events happening around us in our country. If any local team of cricket are playing cricket than we would prefer to talk about the local hero or cricket instead of national heroes who have taken a medal in national games.

Basically we are not having good sense in sports because of our slavery culture. We were never good in sports in these athletics culture so we always follow the way the British follow. Cricket is the game of lazy people who don’t want to work hard in different section. Athletics event always gets more hard work and more punctuality than cricket. It is the single people who hit the ball at one end and one people is hunting to stop the ball and other people are remaining stood up. If we will see the Cricketing playing nations are those country who had been slave by British Empire in past.

In these days all country are mad in the backyard of ICC Events. If I will ask the people of this country about National Games has been held on Ranchi, Jharkhand from 12th February to 26th February, do you know anything about that the 90% of people will say that they don’t what is National Games and Where it is going on or not. But if I ask the people about the game between Bangladesh and Ireland in ICC world cup events recently played the 90% of people will say Bangladesh had won that game by more than 20 runs. So this the culture of our country that we are saying that we are going to be a good sporting nation than we have to know that which kind of big sporting events are happening in which part of country.


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