Onion Crisis

PM steps in to write a letter to agriculture minister Mr. Sharad Pawar. If the government is saying that they are continuously working for the common people. Where are the common people in their agenda? Since UPA II has been came in power in 2009 the price rises of food items including all the items which are necessary for common people. Mr. Prince will always say we will continue with common people. On all front government fallen down. All necessary items prices have been gone out of reach of common people. How they can control because if the one person of cabinet has been made more than Rs.1, 74,000Crores money in just six years. And our PM says, we will get rid of price rise of onion and what about all other product.

Our PM will say always that we can control of the inflation rate next Jan, next June, Next Dec……….How many time frame they will ask from common people. Government is saying we are getting 8-9% growth rate, but the 13-16% food inflation rate and 8-9% inflation rate. How the common people will survive? If you are saying it is your good achievement that you should about China has 11% of growth rate and 2-3% of inflation rate. Where is the growth rate effect? Is it affecting our common people taking their valuable money towards making money by their minister? But I am sorry Mr. Prime Minister you will have to answer the common people that when and how you will control the food inflation rate.

Onion prices over the globe are following:
Russia- Rs.80/Kg
United Kingdom-Rs.60/Kg
Don’t this how could be onion can sell in Indian rupees in foreign country, it is accumulated prices in their perspective country’s currency.

Some time ago Islamabad and Rawalpindi were importing the onions but now we are importing the same onion which we have been exported them. This is the policy of our government, first we will export than import. Where is the government working for common people?


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