Migrate to Delhi

If our responsible person’s like ministers or chief minister not able to handle the pressure they will always blame on migration, it doesn’t matter who it is from Congress or BJP whether it is Sheila Dixit or P Chidambram. Mr. Chidambram has been forgotten that in all hospital’s in India 80%+ nurses are coming from Kerala. Nobody blame on those people because they know they are doing good work. 1% of powerful rich people always blame on 60% + poor people of India and everybody knows who is responsible for that if those poor people work hard to made a successful event like CWG-2010 in Delhi than they are good now those people don’t have the rights to live in Delhi or surroundings. This is not good. If people are migrating to Delhi from all part of India because of employment, if our government provide them a good employment in their home why they will migrate. If the people can’t migrate and take up an opportunity in their own capital than what is the difference between Delhi and Jammu & Kashmir. In Delhi,almost everybody is an outsider. In 1934,the total population of the city was 3-4 lakh only and there were waves of people coming from other places that added to it. Be it the Punjabis from Pakistan or others from other parts of the country. It is true that criminals from NCR do commit crimes here and escape but it is patently wrong to insinuate that the daily wage earner is into crime. They have no time for it. They have to earn his daily wage.

It will better to provide them good environment to live-in rather than comment on their migration to hide our failures.


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