To be Father…

Thank God! 18th June 2010 at 5.35 PM, I become a dad of little angel. I was very happy on that time, before that I was in so much tension that I cannot try to memorize again. So I can feel that how could be painful for my wife. Before that day I always being kid for my parents and in future I will be, but after that my opinion has been changed that now I will have to be responsible for my kid about all kind of happenings in her life.

When I got my angel on my lap, the feeling was amazing. I cannot explain in words. So now I can say that why the kid is always kid for their parents and so much valuable assets for them. They never try to let them down in any case. They always want them happy.

Now, I am a father. It looks like such a simple sentence. But my new role is actually profound; once I am a father, I can never be “not-a-father” anymore. By becoming a father, I’ve embarked on an amazing and fulfilling journey, powerful from the moment of birth. The day I have seen my newborn, it was exciting and overwhelming. Each father-child bond is unique and continually evolving.

No one has ever been as completely dependent on me as this baby. It feels wonderful to be so needed, but also a bit scary.

I didn’t have to father the same way my father or grandfather did. I can be my own kind of Dad. That opportunity is liberating and exciting, but can also be disconcerting. From the moment of when I have taken her on my lap, I and my baby can instinctively communicate with each other, even though it’ll be a year or more before she uses words.

The key is to father from the heart.”

Thank God again to give me such a wonderful gift in my life.


3 thoughts on “To be Father…

  1. woow Whaat a Wonderful feeling………Even though i can not understand the actual joy you are getting for bcoming a father, But i can see your happiness in your sentences.
    For your child I can only manage the fine Blessings at present definitely she will get all other things from you, as i know you will definitely be a wonderful, Father.

  2. kundan

    Congrats papa,
    now u r in my group.i m also a papa so i can feel it. i m very happy to know this. BHABHIJI ko v bahut bahut she is a complete woman.
    new kid ka bada papa

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