Creative Tension and Time

Whenever we do any creative work, the tension in this process is a creative tension, not a destructive tension. Such tension does not adversely affect our health. There is no era in human history when man has remained free from tension. We should not fear tension unless it eats our heart. The truth is that creative tensions produce energy from us. After all our body needs right blood pressure from circulation.

This much blood pressure is necessary. We have to take tension in this manner only. Without tension our energy cannot raise heights. Work is very necessary for us, very necessary. If there were no work or if we could not complete a work, it will cause us more tension than caused by workload. We should not to be afraid of tension. We should to learn to handle it. A task can be completed by doing not by thinking.

Often it happens that whenever we start paying attention to our health, our minds regards it as wastage of time, we think that the time we are giving for our morning walk or exercise or yoga is being wasted and we can do something worth while during this period. One who does not care about his health, is bound to fall sick at regular intervals. If a person at more than his capacity and capability, he will certainly fall ill. This is the law of nature and nobody can suspend it. A beautiful Arabic saying, “One, who has health, has hope and one, who has hope, has everything”.

The culture we live in is fast and it is getting faster every passing year. Most of our achievements are evaluated on the basis of speed. The basis of evaluation today is ‘what is the speed, without even caring about consequences.

Speed is necessary, but this speed should not exceed the limits. Every work has a certain speed by which it should be done, and we should not exceed that speed. Our speed should not be more than the required speed, nor be less. Speed should not be related to financial gains, but to human values. But today’s speed is beyond both.

We become victims of speed and we lose our mental peace. We make our nervous system week. We become confused due to rashness. We are not content to get all the things but we want them instantly. Remember that this rashness becomes a significant reason of the wastage of our time.


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