IPL Opening Night

I was watching the IPL-3 Opening Night Celebration on MTV last night. It was amazing and also seen that how people are amazed to see Sachin Tendulkar in front of. I was also excited that I am watching first time off the field on stage to say something to the crowd. It was great occasion that Sachin has been chosen brand ambassador of United Nation’s Environmental program. It has been also tied up with IPL-3. It is also the second person in India who become the brand ambassador for UN’s program and First one was Nobel Peace winner Mother Teressa.

I am totally agree with Sachin Tendulkar that we can change a little bit in our life than it can great impact on our society as well as our environment.  Take an example : When we support Earth Hour on 27th March 8:30PM to 9:30PM. So how much energy we can save for our planet no body knows. Please Act Now! Even you can change the planet to doing such a little thing in your life. It is a request to all the people from our country Act Now and stop blaming to Govt. Another example of the little work around Greenathon from NDTV for lighting the villages from solar power. I salute NDTV to bring such a wonderful programme to show the people that if you can start from small thing it can be very big if you have some good faith on you and yourself.

So try to make thing as little as you can so it will motivate you and your’s circle to keep burning towards the responsibility of our society.


3 thoughts on “IPL Opening Night

  1. Nishant

    Dear shashi,
    I m also a great fan of cricket.But now due to lack of time and involvment in other activities i can’t see the matches..But your thoughts are really good. So keep writing…


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