Hit a 10,000 unique visitors at my Personal Blog…

Hit a 10,000 unique visitors at my Personal Blog…

29th August, 2007 when I started my blog on WordPress and today when I completed 10000 unique visitors at WordPress. When I looking back On 29th August I never thought that I could make a 10000 unique visitors for my blog. When I started my blog I had nothing in my mind but I have one question in my mind that why I have to write a blog and what is the use of it, but gradually I getting answer of it that this is the place where you can share your thaught, about life, about poetry & some experiences as well and you will get some great tips, some good comments and also some good critics.

Now, I got lot of things emotionally and professionally as well like we are here to share each other’s emotion in lots of manner.Professionally I get the recognisation all over world as a good writer of some greate tips over Personality development, Public Speaking, Positive thinking, Self Management etc, some good poem over love, sister, friends and also society.

And one more thing which is so much great and special for me that my blog recognise as a some good piece of work within my professional contacts, within my friend’s arena as well. And I want to give thanks to all my friends at WordPress specially 1st comment posted by Mr Asim Raj from New Delhi and Mr Praveen Kumar at FALLING LEAVES! the second article posted by me and special thanks to Asim Raj who always gives me lot of support to keep it going. And also some of good friends who appreciated my article.

Thanks & Regards
Shashidhar Kumar

Website : shashidharkumar.com
Poem : Shashidhar Kumar


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