India shining Vs Bharat Nirman

When I have seen a poster/banners/hoarding in Delhi’s bus shelters about Bharat Nirman campaign started by congress party to keep the view in next coming election. I come off the five years back that BJP started the same campaign that is so called India shining. I remember the things that how congress party came into the government they show that how much money of indian people has been wasted on those Ads. What cost the BJP govt. paid for that campaign? Will congress party is going to same. I mean to say that congress party is also going to loose their govt. If they loose than what the next govt. will do that will be same for congress what they did for BJP. If not than nobody will know that how much money has been spend over these campaigning. Ultimately these are the loosing part of us. I mean to say that that money is our own. So we are the looser. So, who cares about those things? Nobody in today’s India. Just take an example, one of my friends is working for HSBC as financial analyst and he is getting lot of money from that company. He is post graduated from one of the leading university in India i.e. JNU. But he doesn’t bother to take part in election. Because he thinks all politicians are rotten fish. And we have a proverb in Hindi “Ek Sari Hui Machhli sare talab ko ganda kar deti hai”. Here all the fishes are rotten than how you can think that you can purify the pond i.e. Indian political system.

So what we have to do. Do it same one of my friend is doing or cast a vote for better candidate. Other wise someone will come to us and will say if you are not voting than you are sleeping. If we are sleeping than how we can say that someone will do some great work for us. If you are sleeping than nobody will do anything for you. So you have to be know your surrounding well. Nobody born as geniuses take an example the guys of Slum dog Millionaire, who never read anything formally but he knows everything. Because he kept his eye and ear open all the time. So we have to keep our eyes and ears should be open. It mean to say that if you know your surrounding well than you can contributing your society to make it better and better even if you don’t do anything physically, financially as well.

This is not the criticizing the campaign started by BJP or Congress Party. I never personally criticize those things. I think that if someone has been some great work for their people than they have the right to show all his work to the people in a right direction. Than the people can decide that who will be the best candidate for them for next fiver years and they can serve your society better.

So, Please caste your vote for better future.


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