What should we do?

Something cracked inside all of us on the 26th of November 2008. Rage that we have repeatedly been betrayed by a system that is meant to guarantee the physical security of every Indian. In the last few years, it has been apparent that no place is safe any longer…places of worship, markets, even hospitals, now hotels: the terrorist has struck with increasing audacity. Rich and poor, Hindu and Muslim, north Indian and south Indian, no one has been spared. With every attack, there is debate, there are platitudes, there is hand-wringing. What the Indian citizen is looking for is action and answers, action that is constructive and will make it that much more difficult for the merchants of terror to operate. Then whether it be Malegaon or Mumbai, Ajmer or Ahmedabad, there is a need for unity of purpose. Terror is a national challenge, not a partisan project .We feel it is necessary to use the power of the media and take the initiative to involve citizens in the search for answers. We are angry, but let this not be impotent rage for once. Let’s act now, before it is too late. Become a citizen against terror.

People forget. It is in our nature. Years later, the details get fuzzy, the sequences get mixed-up and re-imagining the horror does not evoke the same sharp feelings of grief and anger. We move on. That is human nature. But moving on this time round isn’t going to be easy. The brutality of the Mumbai attacks has left us, above all, deeply vulnerable. It has exposed the rottenness in our system; our intelligence agencies, our police force, our political leaders and even our media. And that is why the appropriate response to this terror attack isn’t sadness or outrage. We need to secure our country. And we need to do it now. As a nation, we are sensing this – just look at the endless candle vigils, the large shows of solidarity and the signing of various petitions. But we need to do more. We need to rise over the ineptitude of our system and fix lasting solutions. Only when each of us applies ourselves, will solutions flow – and transformation begin. We need to make sure that the kind of terror that November 26th brought into our homes and our lives must not ever be repeated. Only then would we have truly moved on.

Action has to be taken immediately if we are to prevent such further atrocities. The Police Force must be strengthened and taught to handle more sophisticated weapons. The police profession must be made lucrative so that more people can join in. NSG centres must be set up in all the major cities like Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai. Precious lives could have been saved if the NSG had not taken so long to arrive. Also a federal agency to deal with terror must be set up that is free of bureaucracy of our government and must be headed by the army or the intelligence. The coast guard must be strengthened and strong security must be given to public and vulnerable places like railway stations and markets.

If we stop terrorism in future, we need extra awareness about terrorism. So governing body of India will create a Separate Ministry Like Anti terrorism ministry and the new security Task force which has announced By PM will be the part of that ministry. But the minister and other members should have some qualification others than our existing Politicians for example the cabinet minister should have some military experience.

I feel our constitution and political system is responsible. We have allowed politicians to use this democracy to their advantage. We should have following agenda 1. At a country level, candidates should be elected for the post of prime minister. I mean we should not have party base system. If you want to become prime minister then let people of this country decide whether you deserve to be prime minister or not. Same procedure should be applicable for other important portfolios like home, defence and at state level also. Lets elect people above party lines to run this country. We should have eligibility criteria for politician. What I understand today politics is a profession it’s not a social service. In a profession there are certain criteria. We can’t allow people like rabri devi or rahul gandhi just because she is a wife and he is son of politicians to run this country. You should have something, which allows us to accept you. Do something great at the root level. You can become chief minister only if you are eligible in terms of criteria- like education, age. A person who has police record can’t apply for central /state govt job, similarly a politician (profession) can’t apply if he has police record. If you are given an opportunity to run this country for a period and you fail to do (you have to leave the position before your period) then you will not be eligible for any state benefits, which are given to statesmen. Since gratuity can’t be paid before five years under the law. You should have interim report card system. We shall lay down agenda. We should ask candidates if you want to run this country then whether you can fulfill this agenda or not and what is the time frame. If you can’t what will be penalty.

A very strict security system, like “HOMELAND SECURITY” in the US. Clarifying responsibilities across all levels of the government to upgrade our system and infrastructure that together constitute to our nations security. A disaster management system to assess the potential hazards, the after effects of a terrorist attack and to supply resources to all security forces and the intelligence bureau. A sense of preparedness needs to be developed among all levels of the society-including citizens, public and private. A security system that works on guidance, planning, strategy and management. Increase patrols varying in size, timing and routes. Track all malicious or threat calls. Take all the calls very seriously and record all the necessary information required pinning down the caller. To equip our army and the police with ammunitions to tackle professional terrorists like that of MUMBAI TERRORIST ATTACK. State police should be given training like that of the army, so that they can handle a terrorist attack in the absence of the army. Like we have seen the terrorists are using the sea route, so there should be constant patrolling by the navy and the coast guards. Layouts of all five star hotels, banks, heritage sites, government offices and corporate offices should be handed over to our security forces, the intelligence bureau and RAW. X-ray all packages prior to entry into any office or hotel. And inspect handbags of every single individual, which includes all the VIP’s as well. Engage local informants for more information on terrorist activities in their respective states and union territories. Ensuring adequate security forces like NSG and ARMY in all the states and union territories, to avoid delay. This is all about the ground defence. If we have an air attack. SAM (surface to air missile) installations should be put across all the major facilities across the country, SAM tracks down any hostile aircraft and its surface to air missile can bring down a target 100 kms away. And this should be sustained throughout the year. Car parked outside any major facility should provide all the documents to the concerned authorities. All illegally parked vehicles in and around facilities should be moved immediately. If possible get the car and its owner under custody.

One cannot always prevent disaster, but we can always plan ahead to mitigate its effect. Why should we single out this one man made act of disaster to be focus of our attention. Are the people who die in say Bihar floods less alive? The answer thus is being ready at all times. Govt should form a crisis management network for the whole country. Every district has a right to have one nerve center dedicated to this. It should comprise of a strategic planner, a doctor and a social worker.

To make investigation agencies as independent of the political system with their salaries being charged directly on the constitution of India just like the election commission. There should be a campaign popularizing the safety measures that should be taken while facing a terrorist attack. Security must be enhanced of strategically, historically, economically and culturally important places. Separate provisions for fighting terrorism should be made in the budge, fifthly a drive to clean up the slums and remove poverty should be carried out because generally these places can acts safe havens for the terrorists and also such people may more easily fall prey to any lures offered to them by the terrorists. Further, border security must be made more coordinated among the various wings of security agents also at international level there should be an effort to put jointed pressure on countries involved in terrorist activities.

While terrorism should be tackled by mind and heart i.e. diplomacy, intelligence, the terrorist needs to be tackled physically by arms. Protect our protectors i.e. Police, NSG, and other security agencies by equipping them with the best arms, bulletproof jackets and helmets. This should be the top priority, and dealt with immediately. Top class training for the entire civil security. Higher pay scales so they do not indulge in corruption. No political interference. Politician involved in defence, home security should be professionals either from police or armed forces. He/she (yes, why not could be a woman) or she should have direct access to prime minister, president and the chiefs of air, land, and sea forces. He/she should also undergo some kind of regular training so he / she understands the needs and upgrades the system. So definitely young and fit person.


One thought on “What should we do?

  1. Sanjiv Kumar

    It is realy a great effort and these kind of articles will definetly make one nation ie Great India. Youth should take initiative to take the responsibilities to lead the nation and this is the only way in which we can save our great culture and make India a Superpower. Every movement is done by the Youth and this is the right time to repeat the 1942 movement…….Karo Ya Maro…We can not take the terrorist attacks lightly everytime. After all everything has its limit and right now it is beyond the limit.
    This time we need Subhas Chandra Bose not the Mahatma Gandhi.Not only this this time we need not one S.C.Bose but every Indian have to become the S.C.Bose.
    We can do it …and we will do it.
    We have to take our steps with the new slogan…ABHI NAHI TO KABHI NAHI……
    Jai Hind……Jai Bharat

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