A Letter to Mr. Raj Thackeray

Mr. Raj Thackeray! Mumbai can smile again today, as all terrorists were gunned down and Hotel Trident Oberoi, Nariman House and Hotel Taj have been cleared. People of Mumbai, who have been living in panic and terror since Wednesday night, now can relax and get back to work.

I don’t where you were for the past 3/4 days, but I can assure you that you can come out of your hiding now and roam freely on the street of Mumbai. No, Mr. Thackeray, the credit does not go to you or MNS, who always talked about the pride of Marathi Manoos. MNS did not save Mumbai, it were our Army and NSG Commandos, who rescued Mumbai from these terrorists. If I am not wrong, Major S. Unnikrishnan (Originally from Bangalore and Officer from Bihar Regiment) and Commando Gajendra Singh (Dehradun) were not Marathi Manoos, still they sacrificed their lives for the safety of Mumbai.

Mr. Raj Thackeray, if you still believe that Mumbai was saved by any Marathi Manoos, think again. The Army and NSG Commandos were not Marathi Manoos only. They were from Bihar, UP, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, North East and all other parts of India. Still they fought for the people of Maharashtra, as they consider themselves as INDIANS.

Our braveheart martyrs Hemant Karkare (originally from Madhya Pradesh, but had chosen Maharashtra as his ‘Karma Bhoomi’), Ashok Kamte and Vijay Salaskar did not consider themselves ‘Marathi Manoos’. They laid down their lives for the safety of Indians and Foreigners.

Mr. Raj, Isn’t it high time we abandon regionalism and join hands together to work for national integration and fight the biggest menace – terrorism together. They can’t break us if we are united. There is no ‘Marathi Manoos’ or ‘North Indian Bhaiya’, Mr. Raj Thackeray. We all are Indians and let’s pledge our support to the national cause. Mr. Thackeray, Will you stop now??? I hope the good sense prevails now. Jai Hind!


7 thoughts on “A Letter to Mr. Raj Thackeray

  1. Rajeev

    Marathi Manoos – A parasite on Indian Society

    Don’t blame Pakistan or the terrorist. They had the courage and pride to inflict damage to a country they believe is there enemy. We have to blame so called Indians like the Thackeray’s and the people who follow them (Marathi Manoos) who are making our society weak. These people unlike the rest of India have never had to struggle and have lived off the wealth created by outsiders. They have negligible contribution towards the growth of Mumbai which was created by outsiders who believed in national pride, hope, hard work and continuous struggle for progress. Mumbai was created by British, Gujaratis, Marwadis, Parsis and companies like TATA’s whose wealth came from their flagship company “Tata Steel” in Bihar. In fact most of these people don’t know or care about Indian History, have never stepped outside Maharastra and are not aware that Mumbai wasn’t even a part of Maharashtra. It was part of Gujarat before and the population of marathis in Mumbai was negligible before independence (http://www.mumbaispace.com/cityinfo/history.htm).

    Lack of enterprise, ethics, courage and hard work has resulted in a society which demonstrates incompetence in every area and has the potential to adversely effect the Nations growth and prosperity. Some of these examples amply demonstrate this:-

    1.) WEAK & CORRUPT POLICE:- 14 maharastrian policeman died without killing a single terrorist !!! This is because it is more of political force then a law enforcer. Why do they have fancy names likes ATS when they can’t protect themselves, leave alone protecting others, thier jeeps get hijacked by terrorist!! In fact at CST when a brave photographer (Anil Singh – who shot the photographs of the terrorists) informed armed policemen about the terrorists , they ran away. Inspite of all this we make these people National heroes and people like Sharmila the wife of Raj Thackeray sends SMSs glamorizing the non existent contribution of marathis in saving the city by stating that all policemen killed in Mumbai were Marathis.
    2) WEAK & CORRUPT POLITICIANS:- Pratibha patil – our president Mrs. Pratibha Patil – the cosmetic head of state? So much has happened. Mumbai and India was attacked and at war and Mrs. Patil was not to be seen anywhere? Why? Shivraj Patil – The worst home minister ever seen , he was more bothered about his dressing then the terrorist attacks on India. RR Patil – Mr Patil spoke and behaved as if he was featuring in a pulp Bollywood movie, during the 60-hour-long terror attack and its aftermath, with irresponsible sound-bytes serving as dialogues,” Clown, what happened to your statement “goli ka jawab goli se doongi”? Vilasrao Deshmukh , and the list goes on
    3) LACK OF ENTERPRISE:- Inspite of all the opputunities available you sont have a single Industralist from the state who has been able to create jobs at a mass level. There are many parts in Maharastra where shop keepers close from 12 noon to 4 in the evening and treat customers as if they are doing a favour by selling to them, when outsiders are more successful in competing with these incapable people they are beaten up. In most organisations in Maharastra the most incompetent people are generally the Marathi Manoos who were hired because they were easily available and are able to retain there jobs because of the support from local politicians.

    This is not a simple problem. A weak society influenced by paranoid cowards, completely detached from reality, confused and megalomaniacs like Raj Thackeray has the potential to completely destroy the country to take india to fragmented pre-1947 india , which was a period of intense repression from foreign forces where we saw large scale genocides, large scale destruction of hindu temples and blatant conversion of temples into mosques.

  2. Hemant

    aawh… are the too scared of posting my comments or make right on theirs.

    from admin:-
    just read the 1st comment of this article than say anything whatever right is right you will have to courage to accept before blame anybody and don’t use any abusive language otherwise your ip will be banned to view any article or post any comment!

  3. Hemant

    I’ll be sooo depressed if my IP gets blocked!
    does that really mean no more shashidharkumar.wordpress.com
    for me…just that thought is killing me…its only the most popular site in the world! is there any one who will read this…..some one ….any one ???

    1. It was just for your sake if you will continue to using this plateform as abusive langauge than it will happen. otherwise you can continue to be here and read whatever you need and also you can post comment as well. we don’t want to any of the reader should be banned from our side but beware!

  4. Hemant

    well my first post didn’t have any abusive language what so ever .And surprisingly that was the only one which did not get posted

  5. Rakesh

    The State / Central Govts. do not have the courage to deal strongly against these terrorists; how one can expect that our leaders pressurize Pakistan to do something.

    Do not expect too much from the government or political leaders; better, double your insurance cover, keep your cell phone fully charged all the time, keep a list of hospitals around your home / office… and finally if you believe the GOD.. pray him to save your life….

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