Happiness about to be pure

Beyond the high speeds of those imaginary particles we describe and much further than the field of infinite potentiality of the new verse, there lies a most shy, omnipotent, innocent and inexplicable joy.
Let’s make believe, like little girls playing at serving invisible tea that we are hearing this music unheard, and dance, just dance

Bring along the so-called sins and other deviations that spice up the rhythm yes why not, also the sac of virtues and credits you can spare.

Let’s dare to be absolutely naked in this purity so insane that it can only be seen in moments of silence and then forgotten, like sacred oaths unspoken.

Pour the cups of non existing tea and share with each other this instant our little girl hands so poised and elegant as they pour and serve, the inebriating nothing tea that lies hidden, in the shyness of the explosion.

Beyond the accelerated particles of our imagination, way in there, impossibly near , hiding behind what has never been lost. Collapsing in intervals so fine you can call them divine and yet it is all beyond words and languages.



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