Calculation for Success

All of us appear to measure success differently. I asked family and friends and they wondered if success is linked to:
. Our level of satisfaction

. Our level of happiness and consciousness of what we are and what we have

. Having security in regard to lifestyle — shelter, food, clothing and leisure — both now and in the future

. Fulfilling our creative energy and deeper purpose

. Our optimistic attitude and positive energy, which attracts more of the same, which we call “good luck”

. Remembering where we have come from, what we feel we are, and where we are headed

. Capability to listen, to learn and to love

. Capability to influence and motivate others around us

. The sharing of inner feelings with family and/or friends

. Having trusted companions

. Knowing what we have achieved and what we are likely to achieve on the basis of our present trajectory

. Our perception of our relative position

. Being renowned amongst our peers for our domain specific expertise

. Role(s) and responsibilities

. Societal standing and display of status symbols

. Feeling liberated

Also, we may prioritise the different threads which make up success in our own way. What are your measures of success? Do they make you happy?

If success, satisfaction and happiness are linked, why does our modern society make success reductive and measure it often in terms of excessive accumulation of money, power and glory, which may not deliver satisfaction or happiness?


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