EXPECTATIONS- It’s natural in every person to expect in return for something he/she has done for someone.
Parents expect their son will support them during their oldage, so they give him best education and fulfill all his needs. But in reality will it happen as they expected, No, in my observations I have seen many parents crying for their destiny for such a son who has no respect towards them. In present society very few children lookafter their parents with respect during their old age as a responsibility. Merely looking after is not sufficient, but it should be with respect. By admitting them in old age home and paying the maintanance fee is not the responsiblity completed.

Even a true doodhwala will not sell a cow to a butcher when it becomes old, he looks after it well till its death, a true dog lover will not abandon the dog when it becomes old.

If you don’t expect anything in return then you are the happiest person with peace of mind(e.g.Sanyasi), but it is quiet natural in the human nature to have expectations. In many fields if you don’t have expectations then you are going to die. If you don’t expect wages for your work then how you are going to survive.

EXPECTATION is part of a life, but the result of the expectation many times will be bitter than sweet as expected.

Always one should not have expectation from his children during their old age, as a parent it is one’s responsibility to look after them, during old age do not depend on them, atleast financially, then they respect you more.

Do not expect anything from anyone for the good deed you have done to your family or to the society. It is your Dharma and Karma.

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