Zindagi hai to Khwaab Hai!

Zindagi hai to Khwaab Hai
_Khwaab Hai To Manzilein Hai
____Manzilein Hai To Fasaley Hai
__________Fasaley Hai To Rastey Hai
_________Rastay Hai To Mushkilein Hai
_____________Mushkilein Hai To Hausla Hai
_________________Hausla Hai To Vishawas Hai
______________________Vishvas hai to Paisa hai
________________________Paisa hai to Shohrat hai
__________________________Shohrat hai to Izzat Hai
______________________________Izzat hai to Ladki hai
__________________________Ladki hai to Tension hai
______________________Tension hai to Concern hai
__________________Concern hai to a Khayaal hai
_________________Khayaal hai to Khwaab hai
______________Khawab hai to Growth hai
__________Growth hai to Zindagi hai
______Zindagi hai to khwaab hai
_Matlab duniya Gol Gol hai
Bas ghumnewala chahiye

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