Be there for you
Cheer you up,
When you’re blue
Listen to all your woes
Help you out with your foes
Encourage you to succeed
Know when you are in need
Remember you on special days
Help you out in so many ways
Tell you how things really are
Remember you from afar
Give you what support they can
Be your true and logal fan
Love you in good times or bad
Build you up when you’re sad
Help you when you’ve done it wrong
Remind you that you do belong
Give you a pat on the back
Tell you when you’ve got the knack
Hug you just to console
Remind you that you have a goal
Celebrate your victories
Pick you up from your knees
Hurt with you when you’re down
And Try to wipe away your frown
This nature I have found in my best friend Asim,Rohit,Brajesh…
Thank You for being the BEST OF BEST.

For more poem by me: shashidhar-kumar

For more info:


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