Few annotations to obtain bliss in “Marriage”!! Hey, don’t get surprised. Check this out!!!

This might sound very bizarre to a few people but yes…it is genuinely true that you can obtain bliss in Marriage!

We see a lot of ups and downs in our Married Life. Sometimes, we even think that is this the same person to whom we got married. Whether it is Arranged or Love Marriage, we tend to find some intricacies to get along with the person we marry.When you are dating, you see the person from a different point of view and assume that this would continue even after you marry the person. And, hence do not expect any kind of change in the person’s behaviour at all.

Ironically, we notice a lot of change with the same person after the marriage. Then it becomes very difficult to cope up with the situation at home. You feel infuriated and bewildered. You tend to take up impulsive decisions for which you will be repentant at a later stage. You would certainly be very late in action at that point of time.

With this article, I am just making an effort to give you some inputs to adapt in your marriage to avoid hurting your loved ones!

I suggest, before I start emphasizing further on Marriage, we necessarily need to understand the meaning of Love. In short, Love is not any kind of fascination but an acquaintance which needs adherence. We do not love someone just for the sake of self-security. We predominantly do mean that we love that person very much and he/she is an important aspect of our life and we mean the world to the same person. I am sure, you all would agree with me. With this strong note in mind, I do not think there should be any hitch in understanding the person you love!

Simply put together, I am highlighting the important aspects of Married Life point-wise so that it does not take much of your time to comprehend:

1. LOVE: Love is the basic ingredient to the world of Marriage. Love your spouse a lot. Make him/her feel loved very often. By and large, we think that we need not express the words ‘I LOVE YOU’ to the person we love. But, it is extremely imperative to tell the person how much you love. It should not be said in the literal aspect of it. Mean the word LOVE to your best and look at the person’s eyes when you say. These three words ‘I LOVE YOU’ really makes the person feel very special and you can definitely expect a blush on!

2. UNDERSTANDING: Understanding is the foremost aspect with respect to Marriage. You must and should understand your spouse in depth. The basic intensity in the Marriage lies in Understanding. Try and understand your spouse’s Nature and Needs. Understand even the very craziest things which your spouse likes or dislikes.

3. TRUST: Have faith in your spouse. Never let the skepticism enter your mind. Trust him/her whole heartedly and I challenge, your spouse cannot go wrong. Make your belief on him/her so strong that he/she is infallible i.e. he/she cannot even think of committing any flaws.

4. RESPECT: Respect your spouse as a person he/she is and duly respect their feelings. Make him/her feel that your relationship with them is enormously cherished. Remember! Unless and until you respect your spouse, you cannot expect her/him to respect you and your feelings! Have a high regard to your spouse’s family too.

5. EGO: In one sentence, “Edging God Out”! Do not attempt to do this! I do understand that this is the basic reason why an argument ends in a tiff. Yes, I certainly agree that we all need to satisfy our self-esteems but at the same time, we forget that we are hurting our loved ones just for the sake of our egos. But, now a days, this is the basic reason why many Marriages come to an end. Please note, whenever there is an argument going on; please keep your Egos away! Make sure that this should not hamper your Marriage.

6. TIME: Spend oodles of time with your partner. At any point of time, never let them feel short of your time in their life. You will be able to enjoy even the little things in life only if you spend much time rather quality time with your spouse. As you know, time heals everything – even if you are feeling hostile at times – spending time with your partner can certainly boost up your energy. Go ahead and make much out of such good times. Do not forget to make every little moments most memorable!

7. FINANCE: In monetary issues, if one is dependent on the other or both of the partners are dependent on each other please ensure that he/she do not feel hesitant to spend your money. Make them comfortable and keep them at ease in financial matters. Never indicate that only you have the supremacy in monetary issues with respect to what you have earned.

8. CARE: Caring for your loved ones shows the warmth and concern you have in your relationship. Never neglect your spouse. The greatest pain is not to die, but to be ignored and not cared for. Try and understand even the tiny things about what your spouse needs. This helps in avoiding unnecessary arguments. Carelessness can cause a great mishap in your relationship. Not being cared can lead to loneliness which in turn causes depression in their life. I think everyone on this earth needs care and pamper.

9. SHARE: Sharing your feelings, thoughts, dreams, office talks and even many more things can enrich the equilibrium between the two of you. I would suggest, share even the very minute things with your partner. Never build up distance with your partner by not sharing anything or something. Share each and everything that’s happening in and around your life. This will definitely enhance the grandeur of your relationship.

10. SUPPORT: Supporting your spouse in whatever he/she do will certainly build up confidence in them towards you. Try and support in each and everything in an optimistic manner. Do not criticize their decisions. Always encourage them in whatever they do and make them feel that they do have a person to rely on even at their bad times. Helping your spouse in their household works can do wonders! Amazingly, it really works!

11. DO NOT TRY TO CHANGE YOUR PARTNER: By and large, trying to change our spouse is the most common mistake committed by all of us. Most importantly, we should never try to change them. Accepting him/her as the person they are will definitely eradicate the tantrums in your married life. Remember – you have loved the person as they were in the beginning and trying to change that person might end up in losing your beloved! Rather, the best way is to get adapted to each other’s characteristics!

I assume I have put down all my points to make anyone’s Marriage, a blissful one. By now, I am sure that if anyone who considers the above aspects of Married Life will definitely accomplish Marital Bliss!

Happy Married Life to all of you again! Enjoy your Married Life to the utmost!

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