I’ve got the power personal power I’ve got the power within me I opened up my heart, opened up my mind to possibilities all around discovered successful secrets few people had long ago found Ability to act equals personal power which ultimately defines my will combined with daily practice repetition is the mother of skill.There is no such thing as failure except failing even to try always settling for second best living in fear, a daily lie.Yet fear is just an obstacle that can serve me in every way transform the quality of my life improve it from day to day it’s oh so clear and plain to see success leaves clues and traces and once I’ve learnt these lessons. I put experience through its paces. First I must know my outcome with clarity and precision life changes not by learning more but from ability to make decisions Success is a state of mind to which I hold the key that unlocks every connecting door unleashing the power inside of me. It’s the key to personal power to which I’ve made the pledge to master control of my life and help me get the edge

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