I welcome this new day.
It is mine to shape and to mold.
This is a new day, mine to use,
to fill, to live as I see fit.
How it unfolds is up to me.
The choice is mine.

I can be miserable,
or I can have a great day.
I can doubt, or I can have faith.
I can feel depressed,
or I can express the joy
that is inherent within me.

I can wallow in self-pity,
or I can help someone in need.
I can accept defeat,
or I can strive to succeed.
I can fear, or I can trust…..
myself, others, God.

I can complain about
aches and pains,
or I can affirm God’s
perfect life within me.
I can dwell on loss,
or I can seek new interests,
new joy in living.

I can criticize others,
or I can accept and bless
them, and enjoy happy and
harmonious relationships.
I can harbor old grudges,
or I can forgive.

I can speak of lack, or I can
affirm God’s never-failing supply.
I can give up, or I
can make a fresh start.
I can go it alone,
or I can depend on God.

My happiness, or lack thereof,
depends upon my attitude.
The choice is mine

For more poem by me: shashidhar-kumar

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